In a meeting

how can people pretend to be interested in these things.

My whole job is meetings.

Depends what the meeting’s about, really.

do you enjoy it or is it just to make ends meet?

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most of them are dull

oh db, if only

It’s alright and pays well so it’s fine. I like talking too which helps

in the basement of my brain


once had a meeting that went on for three and a half hours about what colour a button should be

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what colour was it in the end

And what colour was it in the end?

Don’t answer @foppyish - he doesn’t really care. Didn’t even bother with punctuation, did he?

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i was just so eager

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What shade of red?

I always make sure I say one or two ‘funny’ things during meetings to deflect attention away from my utter contempt for the job. rarely contribute anything of substance, but I feel as though my tactic has served me well over the years.

didn’t even go into that level of detail

just fucking red. one of the more interesting meetings too.

Ever considered doing something similar on this site?