In a sentence, recommend an album that will improve someone’s day

I’ll start:

Autolux’s Future Perfect (2004) is a slowly swirling bath of mercury, a feather-metal Jane’s Addiction tickle, and has the nervous tick of dEUS (aka the Belgian Sonic Youth)


Bran Van 300 - Glee

Drinking In L.A. was their big hit after being used in a beer advert but this album is an absolute gem and a must listen to if you’re an Avalanches fan etc.


Playful electro pop from former Bjork / RDJ collaborator…


Since its release in 2018, this has been my go-to pick-me-up record: in turns playful and profound, it’s the memories of alcopop-fuelled pop-punk bandnights glimpsed in the bottom of a pint glass at the end of an old school friend’s wedding.

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Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow & Blue:

More cheerful and offbeat than Vampire Weekend’s debut (to which it bears some similarities), exuberant indie rock sure to bring a smile to your face and so good it was released on Warp.

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Deus were better and more imaginative that Sonic Youth could ever wish to be.


I’m Belgian and my attempts to get into dEUS have not been too successful. Granted I didn’t try that hard and it was about a decade ago. I’ll probably try again someday.

The Stooges - Fun House

Get locked into the heavy groove and let Iggy’s growl blast away your stress

Buy worst case scenario, listen and you will be sorted… it’s very easy… :slight_smile:

Donny Hathaway - Live.

Brilliant jazz flavoured soul that perfectly captures the feeling of being in a small club watching a great band, which we could all do with right now.

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They sound like Spoon in this case.

Weird, I love this an think Spoon are rubbish.

This is from the first album.

Delmer Dorian-Morning Pageants,

Experimental electronic doesn’t really sound like much else lots of samples but good tunes. I probably heard about them from somewhere on here.

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