In a ten year career at a premier league club how many goals do you think you would score?


Turns out it is either four or five as you wouldn’t score the first and might not score the last


If you’re name’s Mikel John Obi you’ve surely got a duty to make sure you only ever score… Wan.




(In answer to the thread title’s question I am confident I would score zero goals and be like that guy whose previous career was completely made up.)


@colon_closed_bracket, we need that picture again, stat.


I have a pretty poor goalscoring record at non-Premier League level but I’m relying on pretty poor service for the most part so I reckon I’d probably average 12 a season or so.


My son calls him Kenobi 1 despite continued corrections.


Love it when Theo posts in a football thread.


This one?


Football threads started by J Don Balonz aren’t real football threads, though.



I mean Ali Dia, btw


Little do you know, my friend. (not really sure why I never post about football on here, probably because I’m enough of a twat as is)


Quiet time now Theo


nobody here would have scored any of those goals


(I would fluff up that last one gloriously)


Get stuffed, Ruffers.

Stuffers, if you will.


Yeah, I am capping it at four.


I’m a defensive midfielder (hard tackling mutha who is not skilful enough to be classed as ‘silky’ (maaaaaaaan)) , so I reckon I’d average about 2 per season.


So four times as many as John Obi Mikel?