In emergency break glass

You ever broken the glass? Emergency or not?

I noticed that Nottingham buses are now replacing the hammer system with a big red button in the corner of the window and it made me sad that I’ll probably never do the hammer thing.

Always wondered about those tiny hammers. Bet you’ve got to give it some welly.

No, but (as you mentioned emergency exits on busses) we regularly got off the bus by using the emergency exit at the back on the way home from school.

I’d like to try one out. I’ve always had it in my head that some weird science thing means that it only needs a light tap in the corner of the window.

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Yes, I have. It’s not glass, FYI, not normally.

Someone should tell Gendry

*reak ass

once hit a fire alarm with a football in school and got the school evacuated

I once threw a stone over a pub and caught it.


i once threw a pub over a glenn

Just googled this and ffs dave

glenn wasn’t impressed

My mate managed to smack the ball square on to the fire alarm switch when we were playing corridor cricket in halls at uni.



was he aiming for it :exploding_head: ? still an achievement even if accidental like.

No, purely accidental. It usually just ended up getting belted against the bowler’s legs… or taking ceiling tiles out.


used to love it when the ceiling tile came crashing down and everyone scattered.