In light of the Brangelina news, which celeb would YOU marry?



This isn’t just your bog standard celeb crushes thread mates (although a degree of physical attraction is ESSENTIAL), this is about which celeb you would actually like to settle down with, doesn’t necessarily have to be a marriage, just a good, solid long-term relationship because you think they would make for a wonderful partner.

Gonna have to go wth Anita Rani here, she seems bloody lovely. Wide range of interests that would make for good and fun hobbies to share, she’d have more than enough going on in her own life which would leave me with time for myself (and vice-versa for her!), can’t imagine having any petty domestic disputes or anything and I really fancy her:

<3 <3 <3

Yep, Anita would hypothetically be the celeb for me!

How about you guys?


My answer largely depends on which tv series I’m watching at any given time.


I’d like full and extensive replies for each month of this year so far please (within the hour if possible, thanks).


Oh what they divorced?? I never thought I’d care about celebrity marriages until Dawn French and Lenny Henry divorced, but here I am again




Riz Ahmed
Ruby the baker


Polyamorous (is that the right term?) long-term relationships are all welcome within this thread as well!


the chick from Vikings


Which one mate? I haven’t seen it personally, what’s she bringing to the table for a loving, healthy relationship?


Corinne Bailey Rae


high cheekbones, eyes to die for, unbelievable levels of sass and tremendous sword(woman)ship


could no doubt skin a deer, too.


Seems like more of a character you’d marry than a celeb you’d marry but I’m not gonna argue it, we’re all just friends having a light-hearted chat here aren’t we.


Angel Olsen:

  • Smart.
  • Funny.
  • Excellent musician.
  • Absolutely gorgeous.


Victoria Coren-Was taken has got a nice ring to it
Katherine Ryan
Bjork (always Bjork)




Christine Lagarde



I know this is a lighthearted, fun chat but for fuck’s sake. Give us something to go on yeah?


aye mun. long day. bjork it is


Gemma Arteton probably