"in my head....."


Are people using this expression more recently?

I’m noticing it more and more and it’s starting to grate.

Someone at work just said “in my head I thought it was still half past one.” - the “in my head” is just pointless and redundant, what’s wrong with just saying “I thought it was still half past one”?

Not sure this is going to be a classic thread



early cranberries lyrics etc


mates I went to find this on youtube and the first result was fucking jason derulo, I despair




Actually on the topic of annoying phrases that are suddenly everywhere, one I hear a lot particularly on American podcasts is saying “As far as X”, e.g. “As far as defence, he’s a pretty good player”, without appending it with “goes” or “is concerned”. Really irritates me (kind of like leaving an unmatched parenthesis



I could care less what you think pal!


I wouldn’t be able to contain myself


Dunno man but I cannot keep up with Love Island language at the moment

A new guy came into the villa and everyone was like “on paper, he’s my type” and they said it about 50 times




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Well yeah they’re using it wrong, it’s supposed to be in reference to something you’ve imagined, like ‘in my head, @urbanfox is a woman’ for example




someone needs to mansplain what “on paper” means.

@Marckee to thread.


But you’re not getting it!
The guy was there in front of her face. But she said that ON PAPER he was her type
BUT he was there
so was he her type or not
It’s not like she’s written down like tall, dark handsome essex boy and they said we’re gonna put in a tall, dark, handsome essex boy and she was like omg on paper that is my type
he just turns up and she knows nothing about him so HES NOT ON PAPER


I don’t think the expression actually requires a physical piece of paper to be involved.


She probably just meant he ticks all the boxes of what she usually likes but just wasn’t feeling him


Like if someone was describing him he’d be her type but there in front of her she doesn’t like him


But there were no boxes! He was standing there?! In front of her!