"in my head....."

people have been using melt on here for ages

not going to read most of this thread

have they been using it on paper or were they actually using it?

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Oftentimes get melts on paper so you don’t get greasy hands

As the old saying goes.

In my head I always look down on grown adults watching Love Island

on paper I think you need to shut up


I’m actually shaking with anger here.

I hear you. Just imagine anyone actually watching Love Island.

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I would be on paper

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When I got home last night I walked past someone’s house who was watching what I assumed was Love Island on their massive telly.

Just a woman in her pyjamas properly sprawled out on the sofa eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. I thought – if the makers of that programme were to draw their target audience :ok_hand:


This is in no way an indictment on @meowington, who I’m sure is altogether more civilised when viewing this particular crapfest.


Can’t get on board with this sort of thinking pal
If you were to say superhero films or game of thrones I’d be getting my pitchfork at the ready though

Haha, all I’m saying is it’s the ultimate ‘I’m having some me time, and not thinking for an hour’ sort of thing, isn’t it? My sister watched it for this very reason.

My go to for this is whatever’s on the Food Network, especially Diners Drive-Ins and Dives

I bet she was loving life
Problem is I think its on for another 5 weeks.

Yes. Some sort of ‘Cake Boss’ or similar is ideal.

@meowington, it surely can’t be sustained.

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The problem with cake boss is he’s much less talented than the quiet beardo in the corner
And that he seems to consider Fred Durst the pinnacle of style

What’s the one where they have 3 teams of 2 in the studio, and none of them are particularly great at making cakes but they’re all incredible stressed and bitchy? Cake Wars?

There’s a pretty good one where they have a few proper decent cake maker people around the country who have a project each week. No idea what that’s called, but some of those creations are amazing. Binge-worthy.