In my opinion the finest album released this year is a collaboration between a Spanish post-rock band and a flamenco singer


Exquirla - Para Quiens Aun Viven

Has anyone else checked it out? Not normally a fan of music videos either but this one is rather good I think.

Post-rock as a genre seems a bit dead in the water of late, maybe this could be a bit of evidence that there are still creative things going on it in (in Spain).


Really enjoyed that.


Now listening to the album. It’s definitely a good piece of post-rock.

What in hell’s name has happened to Spotify URLs, though? ^^^ You don’t seem to be able to just share direct links any more as html?


This is cool.

Is the post rock band Toundra? I bet it’s Toundra.


The internet says yes it is Toundra:

Never heard of them before; is there stuff worth checking out?


They’re good, aye.

I mean they sounds a lot like this minus the singer so…


Wow, that is amazing! Didn’t know this things could happen in Spain! No one is really open minded in terms of music here.


Given this a couple listens. It’s good, wish it veered much more to the non-trad post rock side than it does though


Post rock? It’s 2017 mates!!


Well, listening to it a second time and… it’s stunning. I nearly cried. The lyrics, the voice of the man…


that’s truly wonderful


Sought this out after reading this thread. Lovely isn’t it


It really is!


Trying this now, the vocals are nice but Cinema-rock is so boring it doesn’t matter what they do with the guitars and drums it all sounds the same


Conclusion after listening to the entire album: Magnificent.