In my work toilets there is


a stall that has 2 urinals attached to the side of it. The stall “wall” the urinals are attached to is under 1 inch thick,MDF or sumfink and a gap at the bottom. So when you are in the stall and someone comes to use the urinal, there is only an inch of a plasterboard like barrier between you and their piss.


Kill Jester


It the sound of piss smashing into the wall offputting or arousing


Imagine if they start dripping and their piss splashes all up your shoes/legs


I’m still trying to figure it all out


this could absolutely happen and is my greatest fear
in this toilet stall


do you work in construction? sounds a bit makeshift


I work in HE, constructing flimsy and temporary hopes and dreams


Damn right


It’s not a Spoons, is it?


I’ve always found it weird sitting in a cubicle with someone about a foot away pooing or wanking or whatever.

Very demeaning.


I can’t really picture the layout.


I’m often sat on the toilet at work, when someone comes up for a piss and goes at it way too ferociously. Piss everywhere.


Can’t picture what you mean when you say attached to the side of it


I’m always amazed, perplexed and slightly worried by the amount of piss on the floor in our toilets at times. No idea what people are doing in there.


I think he means the urinal is hung from the sidewall of Trap 1, rather than a wall as would be orthodox.


I assume it’s urinals overflowing but then my query is why does that happen? Is it just stray pubes collecting to gradually block the way? :frowning:



Many thanks for taking the time to clarify so elegantly.