In Rainbows Disk 2 is now on Spotify


Very pleased about this. I already have it in my local files but you can’t move the bar in the track when it’s playing.

Does anyone think the original album plus Disk 2 would work well as a double album (or just a long 18 track album on one CD)?

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I think it would. The tracks on Disk 2 sound just as good as those on the original to me. The start of MK 1 sounds very similar to the end of Videotape. Maybe that’s the intention. Maybe it’s a hidden double album.


They do flow. I like that. But Disk 2 is too short for a double album


I feel like disc 2 is exactly in the right format as it is: it’s a great collection of high-quality bits and bobs, but it’s not good enough (not anywhere cohesive enough) to work as a ‘proper’ Radiohead album, let alone be side 2 to an album as great as In Rainbows


i dunno, double albums are usually shite, but there’s some great stuff on that. at the time it felt really essentially to have that extra disc cos i’d been following their tour setlists and downloading bootlegs of all the new songs (before seeing them near the end of the tour). adored Bangers + Mash and listened to it endlessly. the studio version always felt a bit sedate in comparison but i like it a lot more now. still always a bit disappointed they got rid of Jonny’s guitar in Down is the New Up though.


Cool, I’ve never heard all of it. Will have a listen tomorrow!


There are about three songs on there that should have been in the main album. 5 minute warning is beautiful


It’s my second favourite album of all time, behind someyhing very great. I love the second cd for many reasons but mainly as it acts as a direcors cut extra to the main event. It starts as the album ends and adds their trade.ark double encore but in album form.


Some of it (four minute warning) would fit as being part of the album proper, but I can see why a track like bangers and mash didn’t make the final cut, even though it’s great.


was never really bothered about that one, was glad it didn’t make the cut.

Down is the New Up is album worthy - though was a bit better live - I remember Yorke saying at the time that he really wanted it to be on there but couldn’t manage to fit it in anywhere and had to give up on it. funny seeing that lots of the artwork circa 2006 seemed completely based around that song.

Bangers + Mash would have been a good addition, was my favourite in the run up to the release, but I imagine it might have been a toss up between that and Bodysnatchers when they were sequencing it. might have added a bit of extra energy if they stuck it in near the end though.

Really nice version of Up on the Ladder but probably wouldn’t have fit on the album either, though might have added a nice little bit of variety.

The rest all feel like good B-sides and not really album contenders to me. I sort of preferred the more sinister 06 live versions of Go Slowly as well


4 minute obvs.


I think In Rainbows is perfect the way it is. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


yeah that version was good, but I really love the drums on the studio version.


Down is the New Up is still one of my all time favourite Radiohead songs.


There aren’t any drums, though

(Are we still allowed to do this?)


It’s too mu-uuuuch
Too bri-i-ight
Too powerful