In Rainbows turns 10

We’re approaching 10 years since In Rainbows came out (and I think yesterday was 10 years since the album was announced) - thoughts on the album? Where would it rank for you among Radiohead’s albums?

It’s my favourite album. I’d definitely rank it in the top tier of Radiohead albums.

The album that got me into music proper

Still love it.

They’ve made four great records. This is one of them. It’s the one that will stand the test of time the best, and my favourite, but i couldn’t really say whether it’s better than The Bends, OK Computer or Kid A.


fucking hell


It’s pretty much perfect. If I could only listen to one Radiohead album again, it would be In Rainbows.


if you could only listen to one Radiohead album ever again

  • Pablo Honey
  • The Bends
  • OK Computer
  • Kid A
  • Amnesiac
  • Hail To The Thief
  • In Rainbows
  • King o’ Limbs
  • A Moon Shaped Pool
  • some other really indie opinion like ‘How am i driving? EP’ or something

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It’s absolutely kid a. Anyone who votes otherwise is either a liar or a communist.


The experience of hearing for the first time, with it feeling like half the world were doing the same, will stay with me forever. A few of us had stayed up all night at one of my friends…playing Pro Evo pretty much non stop. I remember really liking it at first…then I had it on headphones on my way back home through the dales…and decided I loved it.


I like the album quite a bit, but I don’t quite get its increased stature in their catalogue.

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Ah I remember the fever pitch there was when this got announced and you could pay what ye want on these boards. It were an exciting time as stuff like that simply didn’t happen at the time. Good times, probably my fav Radiohead album as well (that or Ok Computer)

I actually prefer amnesiac to kid a m6


stop trolling, man

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Genuinely hand on heart.

Pyramid song and glass house are 2 of my favourite songs of all time, nothing on kid a gets me like they do.

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It’s the first one where they sounded comfortable in their own skin. Reckoner and nude are all time, bodysnatchers has become an absolute animal live and the acoustic stuff sounds amazing. Onllllllly thing is that the version of videotape isn’t this:

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I think Amnesiac has some stronger peaks, but that Kid A is the better overall album. Though Amnesiac is probably the Radiohead album I most frequently return to.

They do so much on there!!


What if I chose Kid A and I’m a communist?

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I’m not sure I ever really listened to In Rainbows that closely, but only because of the context - when it came out, it was the term that I was music editor of my student newspaper and all the rest of the staff were Radiohead nerds (shocker I know) and wanted loads of coverage of it. This was doubled by the fact it was released as a “pay what you like” album and everyone was banging on about how it going to change the music industry forever. I remember I commissioned some wanky music student to write a muso review, analysing it for time signatures and motifs and shit, and all he wrote about was the money thing, so I told him I wouldn’t be using it and he fucking freaked out and started harassing me.

Maybe I should finally listen to it.


I remember having to walk to Uni to download this cause we didn’t have internet at our second year house yet. I sat and listened to it in the library (about three times) cause I only had an iPod and couldn’t get music onto it without iTunes.

It was amazing then and it’s amazing now. I think they’ve probably made better records… but I think this is the one I’ve listened to the most.