In the cool, cool, cool of the Tuevening

I have a band practise at half 9 til midnight

Just had some misery soup for tea but think I’ve sorted everything for next week now so can spend the remainder of my week in a drunken stupor.

Also how do I say goodbye to people I’m not very good at it.

Aob? I’m sure there’s a cookery programme on if you’d like to watch something

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Going to play footers but one of my toenails fell off after last night’s footers. So it might hurt a bit

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Tonight I’m watching all the baking/cooking programmes. Eating a goats cheese tartlet. Maybe some more Peaky Blinders.

Man I could go a tartlet


Could go for a quiche

Never had one. I haven’t lived!

Thought I’d pulled the blinder by getting my flatmate to be my landlord reference but he just made an absolute mare of it. Didn’t even turn down his techno.

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remember when we used to book out practice rooms for that long and then spend most of it drinking tins and smoking on the nice roof garden they had.

going to go to the gym maybe later. really need to shed some ballast as I wanna start playing footie again/play basketball without fucking my knees and ankles up.

hung out with my 2 fave dogs today - León and Tor - pictured here on a different day, which was nice


Got gin, got sausages, egg, chips and garlic mushrooms, got loads of trashy true crime TV, all is well.


I’ve got two - help yourself


fucking nailing it tonight funk man. :grinning::+1:

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Worked late, got burrito leftovers thawing in the sink. Hope I make it home in time to watch Gabbo.

Tell us which pub and what time to be there


Good evening!

We’re having a tandoori salmon thing from the Quick Roasting tin for dinner. We had it before and it was delicious, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’ve also got a guest mix going out on the radio station I used to DJ on a bit later tonight ( It’s nice that they let me back in every now and then. They’re a good bunch.

Top work there laels
You should go on MasterCard. Gwan.


Chef!!! Or yknow get some debt.

thought mastercard was deliberate and thought it was funny tbf.

Evening all. Bake off soon! Had this for my tea apols if you’ve already seen it. Realised that trout is just as delicious as salmon and not as expensive which was nice.


Are there any Brighton DiSers anymore?
If so come to this on Sunday 6th Oct, it’ll be well fun and I will play the geetarts competently

Also worth it for the Simpsons flyer art


Hey up. Veg burgers and chips for tea because I felt too tired to cook properly…

Spent today moving furniture and tidying and that at work so all ready for tomorrow now. No idea what we are watching tonight, prob cooking and Succession if we get the kids to bed at a reasonable time.

Someone make me a cup of tea.


Tea at this time?! You’ll be up all night!

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