"in the drink"


I like it when people say the phrase “in the drink” when referring to people or things being in a body of water, like a pond or whatever.

Do you like it when people say the phrase “in the drink”?


Golfer I have bet on: No
Golfer I haven’t bet on: Yes



I think I do.


Feel free to bump this thread when you’ve settled on a stance Bammers, cheers x


I liked it when Craig Charles said it in his Takeshi’s castle commentary


Yeah, I think I’d broadly agree with this


Generally people falling into water (and not causing themselves serious injury) is just a very, very funny thing isn’t it


Really, really fucking funny mate. One of the funniest things that can happen.


Even when they get out of the water, they’re still going to be soaked through for a while after - that’s what water gives you that a common or garden fall doesn’t.


funny either way tbh



The mic guy trying to use the mic to help her is the cherry on top


One in the drink, one in the sink