In the eeeeevening

when the day is done.

What’s for tea? AOB?

Hi Eric

might have tea and toast for dinner?

no other business, probably going to hang out on here. should do some cleaning but cba

Hi E5! Currently waiting at the Chinese to pick up dinner as we’ve been cleaning all day and deserve a fucking treat alright! Just a small one today:
Salt & chilli chips
Beef curry
Sweet n sour pork balls
Prawn toast.

Gonna get that lot home, watch some TV and not a lot else I reckon.

bought some crispy potato slices

gonna be a high effort dinner

hi eric. the TV has decided she is making tea today, rumour has it some sort of gnocchi bake, sounds good. otherwise… nowt.

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hotness audit

  • fine
  • warm
  • hot
  • sweaty
  • cold
  • middling
  • other

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'er indoors is dishing up the curry that’s used up the last of the (TWO POUNDS AND FORTY FIVE FUCKING PENCE) smoked garlic.

I’m hoping it’ll be, as The Mask would say: pleasant.



Neighbour’s cat caught a sparrow and ripped its head off in front of 'er indoors.

That’s so metal. I’m so proud of him.

Grumpy Tits is really trying my patience.

Hi all


Hello friends. Break from working outdoors in 90 degree heat, one more hour to go. Need beer.

do you think it was meant as a threat

Really craving curry but 99% certain i’m gonna buy some shite supermarket tortellini and serve it with non-regionally specific hard cheese substitute grated on top


Shopping just arrived 23 minutes early, as soon as we sat down for dinner. Of course.

Fingers crossed.

wish i was having curry now everyone else is talking bout it

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suddenly gone off the idea of tea and toast and want to order something


  • delicious


  • money
  • have been fairly off the rails this week
  • have to get dressed to go downstairs to collect it
  • takeaway!
  • no

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Got a curry planned for Friday. Tonight it’s red pepper and butternut squash sausages and something to go with it.

  • Curry
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butternut squashages surely