In the Facebook sin bin

Had my account blocked for a day and now restricted for 4 weeks for posting an appropriate Simpsons quote on a post on a Simpsons page. Luckily it’s a pretty dull four weeks, not like I’m getting married and going on my honeymoon or anything…

Ever happened to anyone else? I’m mildly irked.


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Two facebookings and it’s a red


Fair enough tbh. Life ban from here too.


Yeah same happened to me when I posted a partridge quote (about the IRA)

I made a joke about ‘small dick energy’ in a facebook group that has very low tolerance for anything that could offend. I think it was a joke about aggressive men so the target of the joke wasn’t people with small willies, but I was still asked to retract it. I wasn’t online for a few hours so didn’t see the request and got banned from the group for a week.

The only other time I’ve had an online ban was when my meme posting in the Great Things was too excellent and someone decided I needed a week off from all of DiS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Did you know Facebook will (or at least would a few years ago when I last heard of this happening) lock people’s accounts for not using their “real name”. Very easily weaponised against, trans people, people in activist circles using aliases, people who just don’t want to easily be traced online for completely legit reasons.

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That’s ridiculous. Loads of my friends are teachers who do this for obvious reasons.

Haven’t had this due to not using Facebook in the last 10 years. Good luck though, hope you can cope without the minions memes

Or if not, there’s always this thread

I got permanently banned from Twitter on the grounds of ‘inciting violence’ for saying someone ought to be publicly flogged. Can’t remember what it was in response to, but it was something throwaway like a food opinion.

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