In the history of popular music, has there been a more emotive, evocative and engaging opening lyric as...

I almost bought a house in Stanton Drew once.

I had scrumpy last night but It’s a shame you’re pretty much limited to just Healeys here and you can’t find a good horrible plastic container of it anywhere.

I’ve only ever seen a Wurzles tribute act. Maybe other dissers were at the same gigs? Bath Cider festivals 2008-2009


They were real good fests

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Cider festival was always brilliant and the CAMRA one was always shit.

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Why was this what I thought of before I even opened the thread. The Gina G version obc I’m. Not that weird

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That Gina G cover is quite… something.

Annoyed that they didn’t change the lyrics of Tubthumping to just “he drinks a cider drink” four times in a row. Can’t imagine the Wurzels drinking lager or vodka…

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