In the market for an air conditioner

To pay for monthly aka ‘on finance’ (silly term).

This is a potentially life changing investment. Join me on this journey.

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Unreal, I looked at that at the same time Chandler just said “what’s up with the simian?” on Friends

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luxurious, shiny air

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commando 8

So many bad reviews. No one’s truly happy with any of them.

My house is always freezing even when it’s roasting outside but when I lived in a glass tower in Manchester that had amazing aircon! I wish I could remember the name that was on the fittings. It wasn’t overly noisy, quite a soothing sound. Made the flat icy cold inside (although I was always leaving the balcony doors open which is naughty and a terrible waste of energy.)

Our flat is south-facing, fucking unbearable in here. I’m lying on the settee in my boxers and socks and dying.

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Awful feeling. Can you get a big fan delivered from Argos?

I got this a few weeks ago

It doesn’t cool down a room or anything but it creates a nice wee cool microclimate around where you’re sitting/lying.


We’ve got a tower one on the go, barely makes a dent. I want gorgeous cold air around my face and limbs at all times.

Looks shit :+1:

(only joking)

Not feasible because of the stupid hoses that need to go out the window. Our living room doesn’t have windows, just doors, so it’d mean having the door open all the time. The dream is over. Bye.

Can use it as a fart cannon with good aim.

Not sure I’d believe you after saying that.

We’d never be able to open the doors to go on the balcony :frowning:

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Yeah that was my thinking. @fappable let’s just have it trailing out the door.

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It’s not long enough and on the wrong side. Will be too messy and cluttered

Obviously that means we’d have to have the bloody door open all the time which defeats the point

Fucking stupid things

Someone please tell me to step away from the Dyson Pure Cool