In the office today for the first time in a year

It is terrible.

You forget how good you can make your own office space:

  • Desk for a shorter person, i.e. too low and not adjustable.
  • chair shit and too low
  • keyboard Aussie (okay, that was always a given)
  • no stand for my laptop
  • had to bring a cable that converted DVI to HDMI for my laptop’s HDMI port (at least I remembered this)
  • Monitor at the desk is total shit. I mean it looks like it should be good but it is making all my emails look like they’re running through some kind of pixelator and this is the digital input. Holy moly.

Currently sitting on a ream of paper on top of the chair in order to raise myself up a bit.

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I’m in one day a week and I can’t believe how much money I spend on coffee.


I’m fortunate to have a job with mandated ergo evals. If I had to work fromhome I’d end up filing for worker’s comp.

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Yeah our company has always banged on about ergonomics but no one ever does anything. In the office it’s always been bad because obviously actually providing desks that move up and down and monitors that aren’t absolute arse costs money

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My work desk is, and I don’t say this lightly, fucking great.

Especially compared to the shit table I use at home.


my desk in the office is much more adjustable and probably much healthier than my home setup tbh


I guess the home thing is that the desk doesn’t need to be adjustable because I just bought one of these

and the height is pretty much bang on. It’s meant to be a child’s desk but the top height is adult height.

But in the office everyone sits differently at their desk so you need those multiple settings.

yeah our new office has those desks where you press a button and it goes up and down. it’s the only thing i like about my new fancy office

a year today since i last set foot in there though, after only two months of working in it


In the office, at least i had a desk


I was wiped from the security log so I’ve had to reapply for my pass.

That Pahl desk is remarkably small and unassuming if you’re looking for something

Someone I know has been working throghout the pandemic sat on a high stool at the kitchen worktop with nowhere to put her legs and no laptop stand or mouse or keyboard.

Fucking grim stuff :frowning:


I use my laptop keyboard even when I’m in the office as I find it far more comfortable than desktop ones. Had no mouse for a couple of months recently which was a ballache though, luckily I don’t do much work

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Thanks for the recommendation but the flat is so full of stuff there is literally no room for it!

Yeah I figured that might be the case. it is a nightmare this crap stuff :frowning:

I think if we’d both have been WFH in our London flat I’d have turned our dingy walk-in cupboard into a second office space by using the IKEA shelves or something.

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Imagine, three DiS threads open at once



Everyone’s whose come back to the office has demanded a desk assesment because people realise how uncomfortable and awfully configured our desks are. For starters I’m too tall for the desk. Period. There os no way it can be configured to suit my needs do I need to have my chair too low. My colleague who is barely 5 foot needs monitor risers ffs

The person who designed that office is an idiot and if I ever see her again I’d yell at her for doing such a piss poor job and deciding we didn’t need air con because we had windows on 2 sides of the office when its a room with 50 computers running in it

Can’t wait until we relocate!

Also the computer they have me to work from home was better than the one at my desk. I’ll miss you dell aio you served me well and had a remarkably good screen for documents