In the old indie music genre do you reckon there has ever been

such a gulf in the quality of great female singer songwriters vs male singer songwriters?

Off the top of my head, and in no particular order

Phoebe Bridgers
Lana del Rey
Aldous Harding
Soccer Mommy
Taylor Swift
Julia Jacklin
Adrienne Lenker


Father John Misty
Marlon Williams

Don’t say some grandads like Bonnie Prince billy or Nick Cave have some great new album out, move over grandads!

That’s it. It’s over boys. It’s over


Sharon van etten and Angel olsen would like a word.

The talent has always been there it’s maybe just that the music industry while still extremely sexist is maybe 2% less sexist than it used to be and female acts are getting a bit more exposure/have gained the avenues to explore their career in a way that isn’t always the most commercially successful path which is what record companies would railroad them into before.

I am probably talking bollocks though.


You’re bang on. And the fact that I could reel off another 5-10 names to add to the top list (Courtney Barnett, waxahatchee, Lucy Dacus for starters) and none to the bottom confirms that


Men have nothing interesting to say.


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And we havevt even got to Japanese Breakfast, winner of AOTY 2021

Rostam, Rylee Walker, Buck Meek and Charlie Martin from Hovvdy are all I can think to add from the new, 2021 releases lot for the guys tbh

In terms of the lower list and equivalent very good acts maybe Kevin Morby, Jake Xerxes Fussel, Alex G, Honey Harper.

Agree with the OP though, such a big gulf in quality in general.

Non cis male fronted bands are also doing a lot more interesting work in punk/hardcore now too (Capra, Pupil Slicer, Mortality Rate, War on Women etc etc)


John Grant? Although haven’t been such a fan of more recent albums. Think there are plenty of good "bloke bands’ around at different levels but certainly there is a gulf with solo artists.

Kurt Vile for team smelly boys

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I would say that Ryley Walker has nothing to say and should stick to making instrumental music.

men are trash, so this is to be expected

Oh my

good band




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To answer the OP… the best male releases this year that aren’t made by old men (no Arab Strap, no Mogwai etc) are both borderline in terms of counting as indie, reckon both might be cheating but here goes…

Would agree though that there’s lots more interesting albums, especially in the (previously more male dominated? ) indie singer songwriter scene coming from women recently.


Can’t remember the last new male singer songwriter that remotely interested me. There are so many quality female singer songwriters that it’s hard to keep up.

Partly is a matter of genre boundaries though - if you count Frank Ocean, Mustafa etc as singer songwriters (which they are of course) then the balance changes a bit.

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