In the old indie music genre do you reckon there has ever been

Frank Orange

I think a lot of this is down to image differences and industry pushes, as well. There’s loads of talented male indie artists but it’s actually a lot more difficult to position them in a way that music fans can differentiate them, whereas most of the female artists mentioned in here feel like they look and sound different from the others. Just from a consumer point of view they all feel individual and own their own spaces and slightly different sounds.

The likes of Ryley Walker, Alex Cameron, Sandy Alex G, Sam Fender etc are decent but a lot of them all merge into one big blob of t-shirt-and-baseball-cap-and-guitar male for me.

Would add Maple Glider to the list. Her record that came out a month or so ago is really lovely.

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Hang on OP included FJM in the list of good current male indie musicians and we’re just going to gloss over that like it’s not even completely wrong?

(Can’t think of a time in recent years when I’ve been excited for a record release by an indie bloke)


Mac Demarco, King Krule, Rex Orange County, Steve Lacy, Tame Impala (though the last LP was bollocks) - do these count? Maybe even Tyler & Thundercat should count? (And Frank Ocean as mentioned above)

That said there’s about another 20 women solo artists you could add to the list too; Mitski, Self Esteem, Beabadoobee, Clairo, Anna Von Hausswolf etc etc as well as artists like SZA & H.E.R. depending on what you’re counting as ‘indie’

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yeah, absolutely

Fear Fun - 8
ILYHB - 10
Pure Comedy - 7.5
God’s Favorite Customer - 9

I mean, I find him totally awful in interviews, but you can’t argue with that discography.
Somehow doubt he will make another great album tbh

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everything he’s made is bad and silly tbh

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Mount Eerie is good


Richard Dawson?


I really enjoy father John misty records and I like the way he clearly differentiates himself from the anonymous blob of men with guitar songwriters. I like the ambition and I like the creating a persona thing, it may have worn a bit thin with his last one but he’s a rare case of a male songwriter keeping it interesting and different. I think the fact that he rubs people up the wrong way and attracts a fair bit of bile is a positive, much better than just a collective “yeah he’s fine”

Has there ever been any good made (indie) singer-songwriters?

Yes! I thought I’d already posted something like my previous post to a thread on this topic at least once before.

3 years ago! Move over granddad!

Add Nicole Dollanganger, Du Blonde, Torres, and Ashnikko to that

There was me but I gave up making music so you’re probably right

Do working class people still make this kind of music? Seems like whenever you read up about an artist now they came from an arts background already

Just makes me think there must be so many great lost albums from the 60s to the 00s really. Or potential albums that just never got made.


This has to be true. For every successful person in life there are loads that fail or give up on their dream/get bored. Almost certainly more so for women than men.

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this is why talent is such nonsense