In TV programmes (quite often Scando ones) people don't draw the curtains (blinds/whatever) when they go to bed



What the fuck is that about?


Maybe it’s the time of year where it’s really dark up until about 10am in the morning? No point in closing them really if you’re up at 7am for work, feel me?


have a big piece of fabric in my room, instead of curtains/blinds whatever.

my life is so scandalous.


Minimalism mate, get with it yeah


Yeah but these suckers are quite often under threat of murder and shit so a bit of privacy is nice.


I’m into mediumism


Pretty good gag


My flat has no curtains/blinds. It’s fine (and not overlooked).


lol lonzo’s feng shui is aw tae fuck


I’d forgotten about the life-saving properties of the curtain. Come on mate.


Any murder threats recently?

I find it a bit unpleasant sitting in a room with the lights on and darkness looming through the window. Do you feel me, DS?


Well let’s see who gets shot first from the outside first - me in a drawn curtain room or you with your nob pressed against the bare glass.


Nobody says hello or goodbye on the phone either


or shits


I don’t think many people shit on the phone tbh JDB, but each to their own.


Not for a while.

I know what you mean and I wouldn’t like it in a house but as it’s a 5th floor flat with no near buildings in the eyeline it’s fine.


Yeah I guess I would feel better about that… apart from the constant fear of drone attack.


The constant helicopter searchlights through the window are a bit distracting when watching telly.


Helpful if you’re reading a book though.


Live in the basement?