In which sport do you need the least ability to be hugely successful in?

F1 as far I’m concerned, perhaps because it was just on the telly. Is there any other sport where you can be the world champion based on the equipment you use, rather than your own skill?

Whoever wins Wimbledon, I don’t think it will be to do with who makes their racket.



That was so fast a reply I think it was a fault.



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The bloke at the back who shouts at the rest in the rowing.


F1 is unbelievably skilful.

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I wonder if there is a hierarchy in a bobsleigh team? Maybe you have to start in the middle, learn the trade, then after a few years you can be on the outside?

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I sort of see where the ‘it’s because of the car’ argument comes from, and it’s definitely part of why yer [multiple champion of your choice] are/were miles ahead of the others, but you couldn’t just stick any old idiot in a [championship winning car of choice] and expect them to walk away with it.

Rugby League though - just need to be fat, northern and good at rolling in mud.


I don’t doubt the 20 odd drivers are great drivers. I just think the results depend much more on the engineering team making and looking after the cars than the guys behind the wheel.

If you swapped all the drivers around to random teams, you would get a different world champion. If you swapped snooker cues, cricket bats or football boots around, I don’t think you would see the same effect.

Downhill skiing. Just gravity isn’t it.

I’m not a fan of Rugby League but they seem to all hit each other as hard as possible, no room for fat. I’ll concede the other two points.

Gravity is a fucking ballache when you’re 20 feet off the ground and wearing pole vaults as slippers


cycling. take loads of drugs - welcome to Le tournoi.


Yeah, that prick

Fishing? Surely it’s just down to the size and tastiestnest of the bait?



This is what happens from years of watching Rangers

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Fuckin right ma man :grinning:

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