Inappropriate Behaviour

It was my son’s sports day on Friday (children aged 4-11). One dad was wearing a t-shirt with this slogan

‘← D*ckhead’

I mean the ‘i’ was starred but what could inspire you to put that on in the morning of sports day?


Were you stood to the ←of him?


Everso slightly related:

Saw a guy this weekend with a t-shirt that said “I was expecting a battle of wits but you appear to be unarmed”.

I mean, if you’re wearing a slogan t-shirt, you’ve already lost.


No it was what appeared to be his teenaged son.

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was there a duckhead stood next to him?


I was at an outdoor comedy event yesterday afternoon. Most acts using lots of swear words. Right next to the stage there were litte children playing. Talked about it afterwards, apparently Dutch parents aren’t bothered by bad language, but if there were any Brits in the area, there’d have been a complaint.

Also, you weren’t allowed to stand at the end of the track. Last year they had problems with people disobeying this so they coned the area off.

Loads of parents went and stood there anyway and they announcer moved right in front of them and was telling them they can’t stand there. Bellowing it into the PA. Did they move? Did they fuck, not a single one of them. Fucking entitled pricks!

Other than that it was a lovely day.

Just tell us how you did in the Dad’s race man.


The only dad’s race was one where you had to put a ring (no innuendo please) on your head and walk about 50 yards. I did not enter.

This is very disappointing (the race I mean, not that the fact that you didn’t enter, sounds like absolute bollocks).

“but daaaad everyone else has…”
“nope. not doing it. it’s stupid.”


What are the events like these days? Anything new or unusual? I’m assuming that the classics (egg and spoon, sack, wheelbarrow, etc) were all happening.

The kids couldn’t even watch the dads’ and mums’ races, they were shepherded back to their holding pens.

Yeah, the novelty races for the younger ones were a total farce. Reception did the ring on the head one and some held onto it, some didn’t, some used ponytails to hold it in place. Then the slightly older ones did a mix type thing and then the much older were egg and spoon, sack etc but I didn’t really watch those.

Plus parents standing on the finishing line doesn’t fucking help!

what kind of mickey mouse sports day was this

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A fucking busy one that I was at from 8.50 until 3.05!

↑ Dickhead

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Fucking hell!
I pissed off after my son’s races and my showpiece event

We did a beanbag-on-the-head race at sports day in primary school, it’s the only sports day event I ever won a medal for (silver)*

*Also got a silver for the relay race once but our position wasn’t really down to me in that one

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I won the egg and spoon race one time in primary school, it was my only successful sporting endeavour and I’m pretty sure I still have the rosette somewhere at home.

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