Inappropriate Behaviour

As a family we used to share a bath towel growing up.

Didn’t kill me.

Opposite for me

But I wear pants so shouldn’t it be someone else’s? @bugduv’s?

you’ve said the only reason you wear pants is because you leave your arsehole caked in shite.

so no thanks meight.


The bastard!

It’s like the eyelashes of the bum hole


Sorry I lost track of who is a deviant

You can get crabs via a towel

Anyone got crabs?

Fortunately we were crabfree

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I’m with Theo on this one pants all the way

Crabsticks don’t even have crab in them!

Sorry what were we talking about?

Alright shitty bum hole man

Standing with Theo on this one means you do not wipe properly. Enjoy skidmarks at Reading!


to the armpits

Think I’ve probably posted this before, but when I was about 13 I was badgered into buying a t-shirt with the epitaph “It ain’t gonna suck itself” on it by a mate.

Wore it once before chucking it. Needless to say it was a number of years before worrying about anything of that nature being performed on me was in any way a reality.

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What wud you do if you got the shits and caught short? Its a second line of protection, but if u want to throw caution to the wind be my guest

What about one of those days where it’s like someone’s stuck a brown permenant marker nib down up your arse and no matter how much you wipe there’s still shite

If not higher

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If I got the shits and got caught short, I think shitting on my culottes rather than my underwear is the least of my worries.

My word!

Then you need to get some wet wipes or something jesus christ does anyone know how to clean themselves?