Inappropriate Behaviour

We used to have a hat race where you had to stop and put a hat on every 10 metres. Disappointed not to find it in the Olympics when I got older.


I’ve mentioned this on here before but a few months ago I was umpired by a guy wearing a shirt that said ‘Rohypnol’ on the back. He was umpiring women and girls :frowning:



That was at nursery right? School they lock the gates and pen you in. The younger kids are done by lunchtime but they you have to stay to essentially entertain your kids under the pretence of looking round the classrooms etc What they are really doing is trapping you in there so you stay around for the presentations at the end (and look after your kids). Joe’s mum busted him out at lunchtime according to my boy, need to speak to her about tips for next year.


What?! Even ignoring the umpiring of women and girls, why would anyone want and/or think it appropriate to wear a t-shirt with Rohypnol written on it? I can’t even begin to fathom it.


Joe will remember this day as the day he began his life of crime.

Did you shop him laelfs?


I think most people stayed but were understanding of me leaving as probably thought I was a professional runner and had other race meets to get to

Please report back - I’ve got two sports days (the first is Friday this week, the second Thursday next week). Any advice that minimises the time wasted standing around would be welcomed.

You only got a rosette? Haha, what a loser!

What sort of hat?

Wasn’t even an egg either

Maybe stand right on the finishing line and see if your schools are more authoritarian and see if you get kicked out. Or of course the ← D*ckhead t-shirt.

A veritable smorgasbord from what I remember, from panama to pork pie, fez to boater.

Yeah it’s absolutely ridiculous. It was basically a ‘tour’ playing shirt so they shirt/name wouldn’t have been picked by him but still, don’t wear something advocating date rape in public let alone in front of women and children. I only actually noticed as the game ended and he left as I was working myself up into a rage so didn’t get the chance to speak to him. Thought about writing to his club but in the end I decided I needed to be less angry in life so left it.


I don’t think my school would have had the budget for such an array of hats


We have our daughters in a few weeks, so I was chatting to one of the mums about it.

Her husband is a competitive runner, and he is going, so fuck that.

I wore a twilight sad “Prostitute” tee shirt to a birthday party once. My wife made me wear my jumper as I sweated my arse off. :frowning:


Oh shit yeah I wore my Death Grips t-shirt to my godson’s first birthday and had to stay in my coat for the duration after my wife’s intervention.

Heard Kris Akabusi over the weekend saying he doesn’t do the dad race at his kids’ sports day because it would be embarrassing for them after years of telling their friends that their dad is a national record holder to see him outsprinted by Martin’s paunchy dad.

sports day was the most exciting thing ever in junior school.

Don’t remember parents ever going though has this always been a thing?