Inappropriate Responses

@escutcheon, did the unfortunate man (or his family) get compensation for that? There aren’t many worse fuck ups a surgical team could do. Can’t imagine how the doc must have felt after that.


you know, i honeslty did not want to explore the conversation any further, nor spotlight it anymore, other than apologies and pretending it never happened.

i reckon something must have happened like you describe. i’ve never checked it’s veracity, but i do not doubt it.


Oh, this has done me sheeldz. Crying with laughter on the bus


A couple of decades back two of my university friends had their first kid and held a party for him. He happened to have the same first name as me, and being a baby was bald, so for some reason the first thing I said when I saw him was “he looks like me”.


A little while back an old contractor colleague turned up back at work after a few months. I’d assumed he’d just moved on somewhere else, but he told me instead that his sister had been ill and died. I did manage to get out the traditional “oh that’s terrible”, but then followed up with “my aunt died last year”.

In my defence it was true, and also my aunt wasn’t particularly old, and also I was basically trying to get across empathy about when death comes suddenly and unexpectedly to your family, but in reality it looked like I was playing Death Top Trumps with him and his irritated response of “sorry?” was completely justified.

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too many to recall

Sat at bus station trying not to laugh, this is horrible, feel very self conscious

Fucking hell this has done me

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Surely whatever was on her phone couldn’t possibly have left any ambiguity about her dad’s deadness or not deadness, could it?

Ah OK that makes sense.

In all seriousness, if you didn’t know her then absolutely the right thing to do was just to give her some space with her friends.

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Him waking up, groggy.

Doctor: “Awake are we? Yeah, the operation was a fucking disaster.”


Talking to someone after church, her I better get back as I left my husband in bed. Me oh me too! Her no dear, mine is paralysed.
Me oooh, anyway…


Bus please!!

After our daughter was born we were seeking community, as we had just had a very large falling out with our friends and were somewhat adrift. We decided to try going to the local church, because it seemed friendly and all that, despite us not being religious people (sorry religious people). We went to the service, which was lovely, and then for tea and coffee afterwards in the hall. We were talking to a couple of nice older ladies, one of whom shared the same name as our daughter. My wife asked her how old she was. She replied, “I’m 94,” to which my wife loudly answered, “Jesus Christ!” Didn’t go back, still feel bad.

I seem to have replied to you - I guess it was the church thing that prompted the memory!


That is an incredible anecdote!

The best I’ve got is when i learnt one of my friends was being sectioned for mental health issues, and everyone was was taking it very seriously, as you should, and all I could think was -

And then just went into a stifled giggling fit, which obvs got worse as I tried not to laugh, and everyone was like ‘I don’t think it’s funny is it Chris?’

And I just couldn’t explain why I could barely keep it together


@JohnM already mentioned this, but the Giggle Loop is absolutely real:

Edit: the vid seems to autoplay, hopefully spoilering stops it.


ooh when my mate had his first kid i went to see him and his wife in hospital and only realised later i was wearing a los campesinos shirt saying HELLO SADNESS