Incident at Oxford Street

Stay safe everyone x


Stay safe, folks.


Oh ffs

Was just around there, must’ve just left before this. Police describing it as a “customer incident” atm, very confusing.

I hate this stage where you have no info. Called my dad as he would have been about there, was still in work though so all ok for him, was nervous as fuck while the phone was ringing though.

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Oxford St and Bond St stations shut atm

And of course, I hope everyone is safe, my first post was a bit self-focused, sorry.

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Police advising anyone on Oxford Street to stay/go inside shops, which is concerning

Stay safe everyone

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reports of shots fired, treating it as a terrorist incident

“as it if were” a terrorist incident sounds slightly different to treating it as an actual terrorist incident

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My initial thoughts, but @mildmanneredjanitor is right it’s too early.

Hope it isn’t as bad as feared. Thoughts go out to anyone there, anyone nearby or anyone who knows someone in the area.

I think that was TFL’s wording by the looks of things.

Was going to head that way an hour and a half or so ago, thankfully headed north back to Euston Rd.

Hope everyone is safe and all loved ones are as well.

I very nearly went there tonight (so about now). Hope everyone’s ok.

Yeah apparently called out because of shots on the tube but no evidence yet, still that tube’s so so busy that easily could’ve escalated into utter chaos

“To date police have not located any trace of any suspects, evidence of shots fired or causalities.”

I assume causalities isn’t a typo, or is it?

isn’t “reports of shots fired” evidence of shots fired then?