Incident at Oxford Street


Was going to head that way an hour and a half or so ago, thankfully headed north back to Euston Rd.

Hope everyone is safe and all loved ones are as well.


No evidence of casualties or shooter as of yet


I very nearly went there tonight (so about now). Hope everyone’s ok.


Yeah apparently called out because of shots on the tube but no evidence yet, still that tube’s so so busy that easily could’ve escalated into utter chaos


yep. mega merciful there wasn’t a crush as people tried to leave the area


“To date police have not located any trace of any suspects, evidence of shots fired or causalities.”

I assume causalities isn’t a typo, or is it?


isn’t “reports of shots fired” evidence of shots fired then?


It is evidence that people have reported shots fired. Not that shots have been fired.


Typo I think. BTP have reported one person was slightly injured leaving the station, but otherwise no reported casualties of any kind.


StUckf in soho trying to catch the eurostar. Just gonna walk


Tube stations reopening soon, no casualties I think.


Yeah all seems fine


This is a nightmare gonna panic


To France?!


Hey DB.

Hope you’re okay down there. I know it’s stressful and there’s a lot of people, but it seems that it was likely a false alarm.

If you have a smartphone, try and get citymapper on it and let that get you to St. Pancras.


Ah shit sorry just remember that gig tomorrow sorry


Yeah I know the way


I’m not going anyway now. Enjoy France!(?)



the tweet was apparently a week old jesus fucking christ