Incident in Barcelona

Van has hit a group of people on pl. de Catalunya/la rambla. Reports of several injuries, confirmed by BBC

My company has an office in the area, they’re all being told to stay inside and away from the windows

sake. :frowning:

When I went there in June my hotel was right on the Ramblas. The pavements were always really busy and there’s a market bit near there. I hope it’s not too serious.

mods delete my thread? sorry, didn’t see this.

two gunmen have entered a restaurant nearby

Fucking hell :frowning:
Why can’t we just all get along?
Humans suck


Don’t search it on twitter there’s a horrible vid. More than 2 dead by the look of it

it’s pretty dark that as soon as a place name starts trending on twitter you just assume there’s probably been a terrorist attack nowadays.

Yep. Very very grim.

I didn’t realise that my comment came across as insensitive, I am sorry.

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I’m sorry I know something terrible has happened but this has made me laugh for some reason

God forgive me :(:pensive:

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hostage situation now. likely ISIS dipshits from the look of things. ffs. it never ends.

People that just video this shit on their phones should be fed into a giant human mincer. All filmed, of course.


She’s apologised Jordan


Goddammit why did I look at the videos! Love everything about Barca, I’m thinking of them all :broken_heart:

Fucking hell. 13 dead, and rumours of a hostage situation.

Get cunted, terrorists.

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yeah fuck those videos. everyone reposting them is doing unpaid work for the isis propaganda department.


Really horrible a weird seeing this on TV after being right there recently. There are so many narrow streets for the terrorists to escape.

One things for sure the Spanish police won’t mess around.

absolutely can’t be doing with the “why this happened” shittakes from any side anymore.