Incident in Glasgow (SSP)

Was just out at subway on the southside and had about seven polis drive past at full speed - turns out there is an incident on West George St and the Park Inn.

Stay safe

A polis I know texted to say “Similar to reading incident I’m afraid”. Obviously that’s unconfirmed yet, but worrying.

Careful if looking this up on Twitter, the usual videoing ghouls are out in force.

the polis heading into town when i saw them - never seen them drive as fast as that in my life.

As I said in the daily thread I was about 100m away from this then got a call from the blood donation service to say turn back

hope you are ok


Hope you’re ok laelfers.


fucking grim

Unconfirmed reports that 4 people are dead, possibly including a police officer

Yep I’m completely fine, but unfortunately it seems like quite a few people will not be :confused:

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Edit: tweet from BBC includes reports of deaths

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Thanks @Funkhouser. Could someone spoiler @SenorDingDong’s post?

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That’ll need a mod, I can only edit thread titles.

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yeah that’s awful I don’t mean to diminish that at all just checking that you were not too shook up. Sorry there’s not really a super tasteful way to say it

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Sorry, done now


Oh Jesus, stay safe everyone :pensive:


Horrendous stuff. I work extremely close to this and would have been out and about had I not been working from home.

Not that it’s all about me of course, but deeply saddening stuff and good to hear that the situation is under control.

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Awful. Hope all Glasgow DiSers are safe x