Incognito Tasting Dilemma


So, your flatmate has spent two hours making a big pot of lovely-looking jambalaya (veggie or not, depending on your preference). They have served themselves a big bowl and have seated themselves in front of the television to catch up on a bit of television.

You have come back from work late and can’t be bothered to cook. You’ve bought yourself a reduced ready meal, which is currently 2 mins into a 7 min spin in the microwave. You eye up the pot of jambalaya, with a wooden spoon still planted in it. It looks delicious and you can hear the television is too loud for them to hear you. You think you could have a spoonful. Do you…?

  • Not have a sly spoonful. If you wanted Jambalaya, you should have made some yourself.
  • Thank you for your donation to the Conservative Party. You’re helping to donate towards another term of strong and stable government.

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People eating other people’s food on the sly is a proper red mist thing for me.


Just ask your flatmate if you can have a bit. Save the reduced misery meal for tomorrow.


excellent thread title. do the right thing, b_j


It will have passed its use by date by then, sadly.


Yeah but it’ll still be fine.


I’d give myself away because I would not be able to resist loudly singing “JAMBALAYA” to this tune


At some point I’m going to stop finding the ‘sensible poll option/Tory poll option’ funny, but it’s not happened yet.


Oh yes, and you’ll die a terrible, terrible death if you eat it. It was reduced right? Bin it off/chuck it in the freezer.


I’ve never lived with a housemate aside from my wife, but surely having a small taste of their large meal isn’t the biggest crime in the world? If you took a whole bowl or finished it off without asking that’s a different story, obviously.

  • It’s still funny
  • I literally want to lick Michael Gove’s balls. While voting for Boris Johnson as PM.

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i always think of this




your mate would be the Tory in this situation surely


What you don’t know can’t hurt you.


fucking hell that was a tough choice


Don’t do it. It’ll be boiling hot, and they’ll walk in right as you’re sipping from the spoon and burning your mouth.


I’ll have sellotaped a single hair to the spoon, Theo-style.


…and having to spit a big mouthful of sloppy meaty rice back into the pan


fucking amateur