Incognito Tasting Dilemma

Big fan of the ‘xx’ at the end :smiley:

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i cant imagine anyone doing that

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what do you mean by this?


Just thinking back to how often we’ve had this sort of discussion on here:

sorry i’m not following, what does that have to do with garlic?

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as above, why not just ask your flatmate if you can have some?

Weird flat-shares where you don’t even talk to the person/people you live with are the worst thing about modern middle class life imho. I’ve had 2 I think, both excruciatingly awkward.

I’m not sure what this bit of the thread is about really, sorry.

Porque mi vida yo la prefiero vivir así

what do…

actually i’m bored of this now

Can I have some of that Jambalaya I know you’ve been slaving over for two hours and I can tell you’ve spent a fair bit on and I know you’re probably going to want have for tomorrow lunch/dinner, just because I’m can’t be bothered to cook tonight?

It’s not about it being too awkward to ask, more just being considerate enough just to take an incognito spoonful.

i don’t understand the dilemma then

You’re both just reminding me how annoying my bf is thanks guys