Inconvenient places that you have left things

Ever left your wallet up a tower? Your phone in a canyon? Your watch down a mine?

Seems unlikely but if you have, this is the thread to talk about it

I once left my guitar on a train.

My friend left his driving license in a karaoke bar in Berlin. Went and picked it up for him two years later.


Left a really nice coat at an NHS building on the outskirts of Lincolnshire on my last day working on that job. Could never go back for it. RIP coat.

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Left a bag with a change of shoes in halfway up Mt. Etna.


Headphones, iPod and several books. All on a plane.

Left my at the drive in t-shirt at my aunties house just before she and my old man had a massive falling out.

Never saw it again. I loved that t-shirt.

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You can’t complain
(ooh oooh)

Oh, Theo.


Before we went to Uluru I cleared out my bag including a plain black cloth pencil case containing two D&D figures I use in the Games I’m playing and my dice, which are a particular geeky type from The Dice Lab that I have to order ftom the States.

I still haven’t found it. Wherever I left it is about the most inconvenient place possible it seems.

Lent the TV my power bank when she went on a work trip last month. She left it in Georgia (the country, not the other one). Don’t think I’m getting that back…

Passport, plane tickets and 200 Euros in a hotel, five hours from the airport where we were due to leave for our honeymoon :scream:

I never lose or forget anything

My friend once put €400 in a bin. She realised she’d done it hours later and she was already in another city. She then fell off her bike and some people laughed at her. Tough break.

think i left my greenday sweatband in a cottage


when I went to see Boca Juniors I was in the front row of the small touristy fan section and my at-the-time favourite hat fell off and down into the ultras section below. Very inconvenient indeed. Thought it best not to try to negotiate my way into the tourist-hating hardcore fan section in very broken Spanish to try and retrieve a hat

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Heart, San Francisco
Wallet, El Segundo


My shoes: concrete jungle stage, Reading Festival, 2003

I left a pair of shoes at my grandma’s in Paraguay as when I was packing to leave my mum told me not to risk overstuffing my case and said she’d bring them back for me. When she came back I asked about the shoes and she said she’d left them there in a tone like I’d asked her to smuggle over some drugs for me. Never saw the shoes again.

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Also left a jumper at my aunt’s in France and my mum said she’d told my aunt to only send it back if I wrote her a letter in French requesting it. Obviously I didn’t.

Drum stuff on stage when I need to leave and there is still a band playing. Always fun