Incredible Sights


Just saw a guy wearing a suit, quite short in the leg, wearing what I can only describe as royal blue moccasins with no socks!




You’ve asked the right guy.


Within the limits of the M25 but nowhere near being London. Could conceivably be an interloper. He had a clipboard.


If @plasticniki lived there, would she pretend this place was in london? (just trying to get a rough feel for the geography here)


I think even she wouldn’t go far. @Raanraals might though


If you can get there on transport run by TFL it’s London.


Has anyone made a Transport About London joke on here yet?




You fucking plank.


Like Shenfield? YOU BERK.


Was he wearing cool sunglasses and being followed around by many beautiful men and women, all swooning at his effervescent splendour? If so that’s an auditor.


Is that why you had to get out of the game? Too much sexual interest?


You wouldn’t know London if it came up and bit you, son.


Where’s your birth certificate say you were born, mate? Because mine says LAHNDAHN!


Being knee-deep in genitals of all denomination has its advantages, but pretty soon the novelty passes and you realise you’re on an industrial estate in Eastleigh counting carpet offcuts.



Does it not specify a borough? Bit weird.


Like Hertford?


I have previously thrown away a pair of boxers that were so ripped that they were basically arseless chaps. They were a sight.