Incredibly exciting PDF help thread!


If I’ve got a file with hundreds of pages, each one with a unique identifier on them, is there an easy way to split the file into hundreds of individual files, each named after the unique ID?

I don’t really know about PDFs. Sorry.

Apology accepted.

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print them out . Bingo!



I reckon it’s possible. PDFs are full of data.

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Sounds distinctly possible, you’ll need a pdf editor, a pritt stick, some double sided tape and some vba wouldn’t go amiss

If you have pro Acrobat you should be able to export all pages individually, I’m sure of it. Can’t remember how because it’s not on my work computer though

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And then rescan them



Have you tried the PO, M?

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You can extract pages as separate files, but it just automatically names them as “original file name 1”, “original file name 2”, etc

That’s the easy bit. The hard bit is giving them the filenames that come from the unique ID - the normal extract function just numbers them sequentially.

They wouldn’t be sequential, the numbers used as IDs are all over the place.

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Does your file just exist as a pdf, or have you got the original file it came from (eg excel)?

If it’s the latter, then you might be able to batch rename them using the PowerShell (towards the bottom of this page)

I think I should have an excel file with the IDs in order (or should be able to create one separately) - I’ll take a look at this, thanks.


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I think that might be too advanced for me, altering the file names after they’ve been saved as file 1, file 2, etc looks like it might be the way to go.

The Powershell link that @marckee posted looks promising, but unless I’m missing it then it doesn’t seem to show how to name files using a list I’ve already created in excel (or similar).

This looks like it might be useful: Rename Multiple Files using Excel in Windows | Principal Software Engineer | Ben Holland