Incredibly niche dramas from your professional or personal life

One of the UK patent twat qualifying exams was too hard this year. They moderated the pass mark down from 50% to 47% and it still only had a 33% pass rate.

It’s made some people so angry that some of the emails sent to the examiners could be referred to the police, which is perhaps a slight overreaction by the people complaining.

No penoid drama to report.


There was a dramatic incident yesterday evening in which a stolen motorbike was hit by a car which fled the scene and then a person came and retrieved what it turned out was probably a knife from the bike and fled the scene and we had to call the police and that

From the morning thread…

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Not even a single percentage in that drama. BORING.

Also it meant I went to bed too late and I’m a tired boy today

You still on the coffees? That might help.

Yeah, I have had one coffee today

Maybe you could have multiple coffees today.

I had two coffees on Friday

One of my colleagues thinks that dimensions in our models should have singular names. This would be a harmless quirk of individual design philosophy if it wasn’t for the fact that the internal control objects created by the application always use the plural form.

Is the anger because they made it too hard or because they dropped the bell curve? Or because they haven’t dropped the bell curve enough?

Spent 3 hours updating a plan schedule for use in branches, only to be told by Compliance that I should have put it through the Marketing dept first.

Mostly that it was too hard. This exam has been (rightly) criticised for years and normally has a 40%ish pass rate. You can only sit it once a year, and you need to pass it to be a qualified UK attorney, which for me would have been the difference between being paid £35k and £60k. It takes some people 5+ years to pass this one stupid paper.

They commissioned an independent study into it a couple of years ago and it was found to not be fit for purpose (i.e. assessing fitness to practice) but nothing seems to have changed.

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once had a big drunk argument with my brother about the name of the ship that Columbus “discovered” America on, told him he was a fucking twat for not agreeing with me and stormed out to walk 8 miles back home


I bloody love this :joy:

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When I was doing Countdown tournament marketing, I used to try and push the attendances as high as possible and for the main event of the year I used the phrase “Bigger is better” in a promotional post for it. My (female) nemesis had a massive tantrum about how we needed to be “less obsessed with size,” announced that she could no longer make the event (a very obvious lie), and blocked a bunch of people over it.

we’re both very stubborn people

For some reason, the idea of you shouting “It was the SANTA MARIA, you fucking twat!” and storming out, makes me chortle

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I bought some Gorilla wood glue a few months ago and when it first came time to use it (to glue together a Broken Token 7 Wonders box organiser), I couldn’t find it anywhere for the life of me. I therefore had to buy some more Gorilla wood glue. Get this, though: a few weeks ago I found the original bottle at the back of the cupboard under the kitchen sink!!!

I made a post here then edited it cause I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right