Incredibly short-lived musical genres

That indie/electronic baile funk that came at the same time as new rave:

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Remember how these seemed to be everywhere for a few months and then nothing? Witch House was really short lived from what I remember.

That aesthetic was obnoxious as fuck.


Is chillwave still a thing?

Romo. It wa only really a “thing” in Simon Price’s head.

Dex Dexter! Orlando! Some others that no fucker remembers!

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I haven’t heard of a band being described as anti-folk for quite a while.

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Came here to post this. Except it’s a brilliant genre! Still bumbling along in the background fwiw but no longer being lauded by every indie electronic site.


though I guess the latter could be still be applied to some degree.

Used to love this sort of thing, can’t bear it now (I’m old).

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I don’t mind some of it - just the press coverage and the style/iconography was really grating

As you might glean from my love of the psytrance/psychill genre, I am a big fan of the intersection of eletronic sub-genres and cliched iconography!


Rip Clowncore

Crabcore is timeless



feel like Salem/Witch House was a precursor to a lot of the dark underground internet rap music like SpaceGhostPurpp / Raider Klan / Goth Money Records / Gothboiclique / Suicideboys / Yung Lean & Sad Boys/Gravity Boys/Drain Gang / etc etc. Not that they were innovative and copied so much as just that they kind of got submerged by the quantity of stuff after that wasn’t in a hugely different lane

Potentially the worst genre name of all the mini genres. The shrug that greeted the recent releases by Washed Out and Toro Y Moi pretty much shows you where it stands today (T Y M has varied his sound a bit but is nowhere near as revered as much these days).

The exception is the artist you’ve linked…Neon Indian’s last album is genuinely brilliant. It’s no coincidence than Psychic Chasms was also the best Chillwave release. Microgenres can sometimes spawn excellent artists

Is breakcore still a thing? Used to love that.

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It certainly is. Still like it too.


I absolutely loved Underneath The Pine, but didn’t listen to anything else he released - is any of it worth a bother?

Perhaps…I didn’t really like UTP myself and was more a fan of Causers of This…which is where I’d always start really. Not heard his most recent stuff bar the odd single

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