Incredibly short-lived musical genres


Electro.swing (fingers.crossed)

I mean obviously still around but 5 or 6 years ago it was everywhere and utterly unavoidable


Any good recent releases? Haven’t followed that scene since like 2009


Drumcorps has some new stuff out
Although it’s all over the place igorrrs stuff is worth a listen


No wave

I don’t even know what it is


Had forgotten how the song/video escalates from laughable to madness in the space of a few minutes. Still one of the worst things I’ve ever heard or seen.


Bonde de role were(/are) great. Still stick with lasers on quite frequently. CSS have dated much less well.


It’s truly astonishing. The whole thing is such an overwhelming assault on the senses to begin with and that’s before that nonsensical twist keyboard ending . Iconic.




to be fair to them, they completely took the piss out of every subgenre of emo/metalcore in the space of a few minutes and probably ended the genre, even if they didn’t mean to


The keyboard and auto-tuned vocals bit is amazing.


I’m going to choose to believe they didn’t, because that’s an amazing concept - earnestly releasing a song that ultimately destroys every genre that you loved and were inspired by.


Amazingly, I remember this. I think they just about managed to get a free tape onto MM or NME, with some bands and that was about it. Could be mis-remembering though.


I am note quite sure what I just watched.


battle of the shittest emocore kids of all time! Which is worse:

  • Attack Attack!
  • brokeNCYDE

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Familiarise yourself here:


fuck it, let’s not


I’ve now heard the shittest, and the second shittest songs in the whole world.




I might actually have a sealed copy in the loft. Waiting for the Romo revival to kick in so I can sell it for millions.


Crunkcore (eg Millionaires)



Sing this every payday.