India vs. England - First Test



Why’s no one started a thread yet?

Joe Root & Hero Mo looking very good


Because it’s too weird this morning. I had the test on the telly while I read everything about the election this morning, felt wrong having the cricket on.

But anyway, Joe Root is the hero we all deserve.


This is the thread #noelectionchat


Never heard of elections, not on facebook and have no idea who Stacey Solomon is


‘He’s smiling, he’s tossing the ball up’.


Because Yadav smiled the wicket was given.


that was pretty touch and go.

in other news, Shami looks almost done.


Pretty rousing effort after the Bangladesh collapse though.


It helps that the ball isn’t doing all that much. Winning the toss in the subcontinent is so crucial too.


Wish I was watching this instead of being a work. Really good start. Would love Moeen to make a ton!


I’ll only ever hear R Ashwin in a Mancunian accent.


He’s the world’s greatest bowler according to the current ICC Test rankings


Is he the tallest ever spinner at 6ft 2?


I don’t know that R Kelly song, sorry


Also, Danish Kaneria was pretty lanky IIRC


*Our Kelly


A mere 6ft.


Both Kaneria and Kumble are 6’1" apparently, can’t think of anyone else


How could I forget. Sulieman Benn & Chris Gayle are both well over 6’2"


Ooft Benn, of course!