Indie choons

Here’s one;

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Hi Amy the Indeh1!11


Yeah, great song.
What about this one :

*Sean Dyche

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I will love the first Franz Ferdinand album until the day.

My pet ‘hot take’ is that it is superior to Elephant and Is This It? (and far superior to Up the Bracket)

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Reckon level pegging with Is This It, but both streets ahead of the rest

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“Favourite music: indie and the Smiths” :thinking:

Shubby dooby sha la laa
Baby I just crashed your car
But everyone will tell you so
Shubby do woh woh woh woh
That love is never saying your sorry
I crashed into a butchers lorry
And though the accident delayed your burger
I couldn’t save the meat from murder

A message to the Mums & Dads
The school is sponsored by a brand of fags
To help us build a science lab
Where we can teach the children that smoking is bad
And there’s a message for the girls & boys
By the miracles of freedom of choice
It’s time for you to use your voice
Do you want to learn to swim
Or buy your school a new computer

Things are getting better now
I read it in the letter how?
I saw it in a magazine
I heard it on the indie scene
Sha lalala la la la
Sdo woh woh woh woh