Indie Clubs

I’ve always loved gig going but had a strong affection for clubbing to what might loosely be described as indie music. Hearing the tracks as they are on record, loud and dancing in a way that is in no way cool or accomplished but getting lost in it and having fun…I also liked electronica and drum n bass clubs over the years but something about a good indie club playing non-obvious stuff always appealed…there has been a lot of dross but these are my favourites…anyone else got any strong memories?..none of my mates ever liked it as much as me…so when 1 or 2 of the regulars couldn’t make it I’d even go on my own…

  1. Silver Rocket - Upstairs at the Garage - I stumbled across this just after the millenium and kept going until its cessation around 7 years later - there would only ever be a few people on the dancefloor but Rachel & Andy played some great indie-rock stuff…with a lean towards the US stuff…Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Pixies, Lemonheads…also a fair amount of shoegaze before it became cooler to do so…Ride and MBV etc…also had some good bands on too Kaito, Ted Leo, Joeyfat etc

  2. The Loft - Guildford - my first indie club and thus always nostalgiac - in truth it was a big cross between metal and indie and it was only the likes of Beastie Boys and the Pumpkins that kind of satisifed both crowds…

  3. Nowhere - Manchester - after the best gig of my life - MBV at Manchester Apollo we received flyers to a shoegazing night and it was very good and I became (and remain) friends with a great guy because he was wearing a Built to Spill top

  4. After School Club - LSE - right at its start around 2000/1 it was rather good - hit and miss but they played some strong stuff at the beginning

And if anyone likes the sound of 1) and 3) I have decided to mark vey reaching of 40 years by hiring the function room in a pub at the Star Inn, Guildford on 26/4 and Djing this stuff so if you’re in the area pop on in…:slight_smile:

Can’t believe I forgot:

Sonic Cathedral - Brilliant shoegazing club - great bands and club night afterwards - I really miss this and Silver Rocket. Now of course a strong label, I am sure Mr Cramp played a big role in spearheading the shoegazing revival

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He posted this on his Facebook page a few weeks back.

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Thanks sir…enjoyed that blog…was a great night…and nice to see the back of my head with a decent head of hair in the photos…


Used to go to Offbeat in Sheff back in the late 90s when I was a youth. It was a bit different to your average indie night. The big indie nights at the Leadmill and the Music Factory were good fun, but Offbeat was the one with all the great music.


That sounds like a dream of a club…I was born a couple of years too late it seems

had close friends at Sheffield Uni in the mid-late 90s but we ended up going to the Leadmill on an evening out… which was pretty much standard indie-club stuff (though fine)…this would have been much better…there was a night called NY Sushi that did DnB and electronica that we went to too…that was good

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@cdigrassi Where was The Loft? was it in a nightclub in a shopping centre? I could be thinking of somewhere completely different…

It was in a club called Bojangles - not in a shopping centre but part of the city centre - near a car park, a record shop and a kebab shop like many a good indie club!

Have fond memories of the old Cookie Club in Nottingham in the early noughties before it moved. Dancefloor the size of a living room complete with fireplace. Their alternative 80s night was a big influence on the music I love to this day.

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You know what… I’m thinking of a place in Camberley. I only went the once.

The Agincourt AKA The “Adge”?

I think I know the one you mean - Joe Banana’s was in or near a shopping centre in Camberley and they had an indie night for a while in the mid-late 90s at least…I went a couple of times and I remember it being decent enough with a good back room playing lots of Underworld after 2ndtoughest was released.

Also went to the Agincourt a couple of times (as allisfulloflove says) - that is still going on - more of a metal leaning there

That rings a bell. I reckon that’s the one.

for some reason I never went. I knew loads of people who went regularly tho…

My local Indie night was Ziggys in Basingstoke. Fond memories of getting drunk on 3 pints of (probably) watered down Fosters.

the dancing bear in hednesford.

are there any good indie clubs in london on saturday night?

Used to go to our local one in Chatham (Subsonic) every Friday for years. I met my wife there! Every now and again we’d treat ourselves to a trip to London to hit up Popscene, Collide-a-scope or that one at Plastic People that I forget the name of (not Trash). We’re talking mid-90s here, Britpop and grunge explosion. Great times.

Memories of “Subs”:

  • First song I ever heard played there was The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino

  • The first hour was the best bit when us early arrivals would be treated to the “obscure” stuff, before the night devolved into a standard indie club playlist

  • You really can’t dance to indie music, but that didn’t matter

  • The DJs would always play the same songs in the “rock” section; Refuse/Resist, Walk and Enter Sandman

  • The DJs would always play the same songs in the “dance” section; Voodoo People and Leave Home

  • Pound specials. Never want to drink Hooch, Diamond White or K Cider ever again

They tried for a reunion night a few years back and we went along. Was fun for a bit, then we felt really old and someone spiked my wife’s drink.

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I got lucky, grew up in Manchester where there were one or two decent nights virtually every night of the week. My main favourite was South on a Friday or Saturday night (still going, but not the same post smoking ban - and I don’t even smoke).
5th Avenue / 42 Street, both still going.
The Venue (on Whitworth Street, near to the Hacienda) - a bit more ‘rock’, but still great.
I’m even old enough to have gone to Shine at the Hacienda a few times.

When I first moved to Leeds in 1998 we used to frequent The Garage on Friday nights at The Cockpit. Three rooms, contemporary indie/alt-rock, “extreme” (I remember nearly concussing myself leaping around to Mastodon’s Blood & Thunder!) and 80/90s indie (Kennedy by The Weddoes was a weekly staple in there!).

For a while my ears were always ringing on Saturday mornings!