Indie One Hit Wonders

The word “hit” is used loosely. Obv. We’re more talking about great songs by bands even your fellow DiSser may never have heard of. Post 'em, I wanna hear 'em.

Dom - Living in America


Young DISers may not be hip to this groove, daddio.


Dandy Warhols
Hot Hot Heat

oh, you wanted good songs



watch out, Hot Hot Heat had some bangers


So did the Dandy Warhols. Finally saw them live a few weeks ago having wanted to do just that for over 15 years. It was worth the wait.

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Do Hope of the States count? It’s the only song of theirs I can remember getting much airplay

If I was to pick a HOTS song as an indie one hit wonder, I’d pick The Red, The White, The Black, The Blue. They played it on Jools Holland! And possibly TOTP too!


Huh, I’ve just checked Wikipedia and it charted higher than Enemies/Friends too

Veruca Salt - Seether


And Black Dollar Bills. they’re the two ‘big’ songs of theirs I think of.

Anything that was on a levi’s ad in the 90’s. eg:


The Golden Virgins - Renaissance Kid

absolute tune. Reckon you’ll like what I’ve got as well. New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big


Were you at the Roundhouse gig? I was there, really enjoyed it. Godless with the horn players from The Specials was pretty… er… special. Can’t believe this thread is 16 posts old and people are already disrespecting the Dandy Warhols.

I was there!

It took them a while to get into their stride, but by the time they played I Love You they were on fire - loved the deep-bass jam that came afterwards!

We Used To Be Friends and Bohemian Like You were HUGE. I’ve gone to so many small gigs in the past few years that I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to see a band with a crossover HIT in their repertoire. It’s a great feeling.

It was nice to hear a few songs from Odditorium (a criminally underrated album) but you’re right - Godless with The Specials was the clear highlight. Especially since if there was one song I was there to see, it was that one.

Apart from the slow start, my only real complaint is that Zia’s weird Moog solo after a heavy Boys Better was a bit of an underwhelming end. All told though, SO worth the wait, and I want to see them again now.

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time to dust off the old Radiohead Creeps joke