Indie Shoegaze gigs in UK

Hello All :wave:
I’ve been searching for venues or nights around the UK that put on Indie Shoegaze. We are based in London but trying to get out there a bit. Does anyone know of anyone? We got told last week we are like a mix of the Cocteau Twin and The Cranberries, if that’s your thing. Can send more details if need be but didn’t want to immediately spam the board with links! Cheers :slight_smile:
If this is the wrong section of the forum please send me on my way :wink:

Some places I’ve seen shoegaze bands are

Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
The Cookie, Leicester
Oxford is a must to check out, Nottingham has some good bands of that type.
Hare and Hounds, Birmingham has all sorts of indie.

Hope this helps.