Indietracks is gone for good

Quite gutted about that

Ah that is shit news. Loved that festival. Hopefully some of the organisers manage to keep it going. Are there any similar other scale festivals as good as Indietracks?

Such shit news all round

Probably terrible for the little railway too

Devastating :sob:

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None that I know



Even worse that I didn’t go to the last few because of needing a year off and then a wedding clash and then another wedding clash

Very sad news. Always had a great time.

I never got to go :sob:


Really sad news :disappointed:

Had been wanting to go for about 10 years, had tickets for 2020

Oh fuck
Just posted a thread but didn’t see this. Can any of the @moderators merge please??

Never went but always had it on the list and always assumed I’d get there one day. Surprisingly gutted about this considering.

Added the festival tag.

Yeah, this sucks. I never went but it always seemed like a really fun festival.

If you can flag/link to the thread then yes :slight_smile:

The end of Indietracks sorry that’d have been helpful wouldn’t it

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Indietracks was a part of my world way before I joined dis but I figure some of you may have also been part of that world.

I’ve learned that mainly due to Covid its the end of the line for the fest, which has made me sad. Even though it was so twee and silly and niche it also represented a large part of my early 2010s memories.

Anyone else?



I had a nice time the one time I went, this is a damn shame

Walking home on a nice summer evening, shuffle throws out The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, really miss Indietracks :frowning:


Was listening to that recently, that and Horowitz.

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