Indisputable statements of fact



Every single person who has ever described themselves as a “polymath” is a complete prick.


here we go again. :frowning:

have you been looking at my CV?


just get a divorce if you hate her so much



More like polytwats


Had to look up what polymath meant

ironic, really


~googles ‘polymath’~



Does remind me of when I was on Tinder or whatever, and there were so many people who described themselves as “sapiosexual” (finding intelligence sexy). Instant turn off. I mean, like yeah… duh. No one wants to marry a thickoid, makes you seem like a pretentious twat though.


Everyone who meets in life must also part :’(


Do you realize
That everyone
You know
Will die???


Do people actually describe themselves as polymaths?


Everyone man, even the nice ones, even the young ones. DSD


Every single person who has ever described themselves as “random” is completely insufferable.




Got one twatting on about it on my Facebook feed at the moment. Also came across (steady) a few in my OkCupid days.


Is it better or worse than people putting letters after their name on facebook or cv?

Reading through lots of cvs and am exceptionally tempted to have a massive bonfire of those who put their name and BA/BSc at the end.
Dr, grudgingly allowed, before you have a tantrum.


BSc (Hons)



Masters (or higher) or GTFO tbh.

Dr Twentynine ThD, MA, BSc, BC National Road Commissaire, SSPA 25m Proficiency


Anybody doing it on Facebook (even LinkedIn) is clearly a weapons grade bellend.

Not that fussed about it on CVs. Seems redundant since you’re about to list your qualifications anyway.


“I’m crazy, me”