Anyone here been? Going for three weeks in May, looking at things to do, places to visit.

This thread didn’t help much.

Will avoid the bogans in Bali, but other than that no plans yet.

No, closest I got was Malaysian Borneo, sorry

Thanks anyway

I really liked Sumatra when I went. Bukit Lawang was a great village in the jungle with a river running through it, crossed by multiple rickety rope bridges, can go for hikes in the jungle from there. Then I went down to Lake Toba where they used to do full moon parties, so theres a lot of tourist infrastructure, but now not many tourists. And finally the beaches just south of Padang are pretty great.

No, closest I got was Vancouver, sorry

No, closest I got was Turkey, sorry. But ask me again in a month.

Only been to Outdenesia sorry

Went to Israel, couple of the same letters there

Yeah I’ve been to Crete, recommend Kissamos and stopping off at Petroula’s orange juice bar and seeing some nice donkeys on the drive

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Oh sorry Indonesia. No.

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What do you want to do? I’ve been to Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and Northern Sulawesi. Most of this has been for Scuba diving but I might be able to give pointers.

I haven’t been to Jakarta in about 12 years but I really, really hated it.

I went to Jakarta 21 years ago. That is one hectic city, and most definitely not in a ‘vibrant’ way…

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