Indoor Cats

Bit cruel isn’t it? I think it might be.

I love them they’re so squooshy and cuuuuuuuuute!


Some cats cba with outside.

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‘Yeah he wouldn’t want to go outside even if he could’

Tutankhamun to that one my friend.

You bloody well arse them. Or you end up with an indoor cat.

I live with 2
They’re alright, get a bit too much energy sometimes mind

Pumpkin had never been outside. Hence why she was so fat. She loved being inside and was terrified when we tried to take her out. She was about 8 years old :cry:

I personally wouldn’t get a kitten and keep it indoors but if you get a poor little rescue cat like Pump and they’ve never been outside, they need a home and someone to love them.


Lots of studies to suggest the opposite as long as you keep them entertained and have the space.

Had 2 outdoor cats and one cat now that only wants to go outside if he’s with you, if you close the door behind him he wants to come back in, possibly because he was a stray who turned up on the doorstep very ill and malnourished.

Also he’s deaf and very old so wouldn’t want him outside alone anyway as he wouldn’t last long I don’t think.


I would love to have a cat but from growing up and seeing family cats absolutely loving it being outside I couldnt trap one indoors in a flat.

That looks like torture!

love the idea that you bought your cat its own iPad. :smiley:

Emmett is hardly ever alone, but even when we’re there he spends most of the time asleep. Likes being next to me when he does it though.

Different cats are different.


Gizmo loved going outside and Tamba hated it. Gizmo was in hospital several times and nearly died three times from being outside, and in the end did die from being outside.

I wouldn’t take an ‘outdoor’ cat and try and make it indoor, but depending on where I was and the space I had I definitely would consider whether I could keep a future cat indoors, probably mainly based on it’s personality as it develops.

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i dont understand how anyone has a dog - they hate being left alone and being inside all day and thats what virtually everyone who isn’t retired has to do (leave them, i mean). I want a dog but how do you have a dog and a job?



Does he eventually give up with an unearthly, frustrated, wailing cry to the heavens? That’s what I’m picturing.

All-time dogs > indoor cats

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Yeah, ^this.

I have some friends who have a dog and one of them has to come home every lunchtime to let him out, and they both work staggered hours so that the dog isn’t alone for more than about four hours.