Indoor Cats


i dont understand how anyone has a dog - they hate being left alone and being inside all day and thats what virtually everyone who isn’t retired has to do (leave them, i mean). I want a dog but how do you have a dog and a job?



Does he eventually give up with an unearthly, frustrated, wailing cry to the heavens? That’s what I’m picturing.



All-time dogs > indoor cats


Yeah, ^this.

I have some friends who have a dog and one of them has to come home every lunchtime to let him out, and they both work staggered hours so that the dog isn’t alone for more than about four hours.


He normally remembers that he has a foil ball hidden somewhere down the side of the couch and makes you throw it for him to fetch again.


That looks MUCH more satisfying.


We’ve got two cats (brothers), both have access to the outdoors but couldn’t be anymore different.

Sooty is always out and about and just comes home to eat, although he is locked in at night. He’s a massive mouser.

Gizmo is scared of his own shadow and only goes out if he has too and always wants to sit on your lap.

I always keep them in at night, especially as there’s a cat killer around here.



he’s fucking good at it now. and has also learned ‘sit’ :'D


My sister in law sends their dog to doggy day care. The people there staged a wedding ceremony for the dog to get married to another dog. It was all very strange.


that’s mental though - assuming an average dog lives 12 years how do you know your life circumstances are gonna allow you those flexibilities for that long?

Genuinely think in some respects it’s easier to have a kid than a dog, but i don’t want a bloody child


Plus you can flush a kid’s poo down the toilet.


see - no dog of mine is being subjected to that, if that was a child’s nursery there’d be court cases.


Yeah I’d only get one if I knew I was going to be able to work from home and/or had an office that would let me bring it to work (my friend’s office does and it’s amazing <3)

Brooke is self employed so she could look after one, but she’s more of a cat person anyway.

It was an emotional day



shotgun wedding?


She could get a Polecat.



ban request


I’m on a cat group on fb that’s full of Australians that won’t let their cats out in case they get beaten up by kangaroos/bitten by spiders/start licking cane toads. Some of them have built fenced off outdoor runs for them.