Indoors vs Outdoors

A little poll for you. No judgement please as some people may have phobias or specific needs around this.

How long can you stand to be your home/in the same building before you feel the need to go outside?

  • Less than a few hours
  • A few hours
  • A whole day
  • A weekend
  • A whole week if I can get away with it
  • Never want to go outside ever again

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I like my nice controlled indoor environment.

Outside, literally anything can happen. Anything.


I can understand that. For me it’s kind of the opposite though, I feel depressed and restrained if I stay in one place for too long. I find I can think clearer and feel more relaxed when I’m outside.

Can easily go a day without leaving the house but it depends entirely on what’s in the fridge and what the weather is like tbh


I could stay in for a whole day, but I don’t like it. Have to go a walk at some point.


Used to be able to go a week at least without leaving the house, easy. Think the main thing that changed is that I don’t really play computer games any more.


If I’m not at my Home, like staying with people or idk on a ferry or something, then I will last no longer than about 2 hours without wanting to go outside


Choose one!

You can either:

  • Never go outside for more than 10 minutes at a time for the rest of your life.
  • Never be inside of a building for more than 10 minutes (unless you are asleep).

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10 minutes out in the garden every other Tuesday. Fine.

you probably wouldn’t be able to go visit people though

I know, it’s all upside!


just to check, how do showering, toileting and sex fit into this?

I appreciate this might not be the case for everyone but I think I could do any of those things within 10 minutes.

I reckon I could have a crack at all three.


Also you would have to start the process of falling asleep outside and then be magicked in. Unless you are one of those turds who nods off as soon as their head hits the pillow.

once you go to bed you’re allowed to stay there but no use of electronic devices

if you open your eyes you are kicked outside


I’ll pass if it’s all the same

I think passing would mean you are indicating no preference for one or the other?