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Anyone watching this? Thoughts?

It’s mildly addictive.

I watched the first one.

All I could think was that if it was a company that size it would have a cast iron HR department who wouldn’t allow most of that behaviour. Also, all the graduates I’ve ever met wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

Sorry. This is why I don’t get the most out of watching tv and films.

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Wow! timing. I’m watching the episode SESH now. I hated everyone in it at the start and now I’m kind of indifferent to everyone in it.

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I feel bad for the wife with sleep apnea and I don’t think she’s even been in it?

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Ohh sesh is a good episode so far. I think fraud and maybe some London Whale sort of stuff is more exciting than the drugs and sex stuff. Though I dunno if that’s how things are actually headed.

I’ve seen the whole series and really enjoyed it, the last few episodes are great. Its true though any company like that would be a lot stricter with background checks and stuff but it only a TV show.

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Quite enjoyed it but didn’t care at all about any of them as they are all pretty horrible characters existing in a grotesque world. A bit too celebratory of people being shits for my liking.


Christmas episode is good. Should have given everyone 2cp earlier.

I was hoping Eric was going to be responsible for some huge fraud maybe he still will be? I enjoyed Greg running into the glass over and over again.

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I enjoyed it and thought it very good. Great soundtrack too—Todd Terje over the final credits :star_struck:

The writers did a fine job with their reflection of the industry and its problems, and embellishment to make the programme

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Finished it last night, really enjoyed it. It doesn’t bother me that they’re not super likeable characters - that’s reflective of the culture they’re part of, everyone is looking out for number one (and they’re basically still students, with all the impulsive stupid decisions that come with it).

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Was ok. Looked nice, but I went off it towards the end.

I’m glad, but I’m surprised.

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Really enjoyed this

Season two drops on BBC next Tuesday


Got through both series this week after completely forgetting to watch the 1st when it was released.

1st series was better wasn’t it?

Loved the first season. Just watched season 2 and it feels a step up. Really like how the characters have developed. And really pleased Yasmin’s ex-boyfriend hasn’t turned up (so far!)

Love how unapologetic it is about the work they do. Quite similar to The Bear where you feel like you’re just there, they’re not simplifying it but you can still get into the tension and stakes

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Really like this. Finished series 2 last night. Great ending.


Renewed for season 3


Great news!!

What a horribly brutal environment to work in.
Reckon I’d last a day then cry all the way home.